Paint Your Own Pottery Parties

Teacup Designs can come to you whether in your home, village hall or school/club. We will come with everything you need to create your own useable masterpieces!

How does it work?
The paints used are water based, so no need to worry about making a mess. The glaze is lead free and food safe. We will bring ideas to inspire you and equipment to help your designs such as stamps, writers and sponges. We also bring tablecloths and aprons for children.

We will then take your pieces away to glaze and fire, and then deliver them back to you in a gift box.

Who are the parties for?
Parties can be for adults as a club activity or just a fun get together, or for children’s parties.

How much does it cost?
Prices range from £7.50 per head (Egg Cups, Plaques) to £25 per head (Large Bowls, Clocks, Platters). These prices are all inclusive.

After the party
We will take your pieces home to glaze and fire, and then we’ll deliver them back to you in gift boxes to give out to your guests.