Hand & Foot Print Keepsakes

A Lasting Memory of Little Hands and Feet

We have been invited to Nurseries, Pre Schools, Toddler Groups and Private Get Togethers to create unique keepsakes. We’re adding to the designs and variety of ceramics all the time.

How it Works

  1. We’ll send you some order forms with the date that we have agreed to take the prints
  2. Please return the order forms around a week before we take the prints
  3. We’ll come to you and paint the childrens’ hands/feet and take the prints (this involves a lot of giggling as it tickles!)
  4. We’ll take the pieces away and finish them with the chosen design, glaze and fire them
  5. Under a week later, we’ll will deliver your pieces back to you in a scrumptious gift box to distribute to the parents

Please get in touch for some order forms and we’ll give 10% OFF ALL ORDERS to your organisation (or to the host).

Price List

  • Mug – £15
  • Bowl – £16
  • Plate – £18
  • Photo Frame – £26
  • Bauble – £14
  • Clock – £32

Keepsakes Gallery

Just a few examples of our keepsakes.